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How to Connect GNS3 to Internet.

  • Toplogy



  • configure your gns3 cloud, Select your NIC which connect to internet.NIC
  • RUN GNS3.
  • router ip same network which your NIC card.IP
  • in my case my NIC ip is and router ip
  • config Default Gateway on router. my GW is:
  • ping public DNS. i already ping google DNS.

my first note with my own english, sorry if bad. 🙂

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Kolaborasi RIP Cisco dan Mikrotik


Bahan-bahan nya:

  • GNS3. (ready hypervisor)
  • Virtual Box.

Adapter yg di pake di Vbox.

XP: internal (name intA)

Centos: Internal (name intaB

Mikrotik: Host only adapters, Internal (intA dan intB) dan NAT.

internal A dan B network nya beda. dan meraka masing ternoneksi ke internal nya mikrotik. Host Only adapter nya konek ke Cisco, Cico punya 2 interface yang 1 nya nyambung ke mikrotik lwt vbox adapter, satunya lagi ke xp nyambung ke vbox adapter.

nb: Switch itu pajangan doang!


  • Set IP cisco dan mikrotik. (search aja)
  • Set RIP cisco dan Mikrotik.
  • Set NAT. biar mikrotik bisa inetan.

Sumber koneksi inetan dari USB tehthering Android 🙂

Konfigurasi RIP di Mikrotik.

Gampang men! (sampe sini udah harus set semua ip, mulai dr cisco smpe mikrotik dan juga client)

  1. Masuk pake winbox.
  2. Menu Routing — Tab Network. (set rip, sama kayak set RIP cisco, gak jauh beda)

rip#this is my note aka my little brain, may be only me can understand

note:  Total Network ada 4, Total ip ada 8. Colusion di windows karna tethering  😡

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InterVlan [Packet Tracer]


Config Switch VTP:

Switch(config)#vtp mode server
Device mode already VTP SERVER.
Switch(config)#vtp domain intervlan
Changing VTP domain name from NULL to intervlan
Switch(config)#vtp password cisco
Setting device VLAN database password to cisco
Switch(config)#hostname VTP
VTP(config)#int range fa0/1 – 5
VTP(config-if-range)#switchport access vlan 100
% Access VLAN does not exist. Creating vlan 100
VTP(config-if-range)#int range fa0/6 – 10
VTP(config-if-range)#switchport access vlan 200
% Access VLAN does not exist. Creating vlan 200
VTP(config-if-range)#int range fa0/23 -24
VTP(config-if-range)#switchport mode trunk

Config switch ke 2

switch2(config)#vtp mode client
Device mode already VTP CLIENT.
switch2(config)#vtp domain intervlan
Domain name already set to intervlan.
switch2(config)#vtp pass
switch2(config)#vtp password cisco
Setting device VLAN database password to cisco
switch2(config)#do sh vlan

switch2(config)#int range fa0/1 – 5
switch2(config-if-range)#switchport access vlan 100
switch2(config-if-range)#int fa0/6 10
switch2(config-if-range)#int fa0/6-10
switch2(config-if-range)#int fa0/6 – 10
switch2(config-if-range)#int range fa0/6 – 10
switch2(config-if-range)#switchport access vlan 200


File .pkt bisa didownload di halaman grup –>